Economic SOD

Economic SOD Plain Detonator

Plain Detonator is an Aluminum metallic tube which is filled with high explosive such as ASA (primary load) AND PETN (secondary load). It is detonated via safety fuse. Cap sensitive explosive or detonating cord to which plain detonator is attached is detonated upon detonation of secondary load by primary load initiated by fuse. These fuses are produced in very modern facilities requiring precision and sensitivity where quality principles are implemented.




Areas of Usage

It is used in Quarries, Well (Shaft) blasting, Road Blasting, Pipe lines other construction blasting. It is an unsafe product for mine gas and cannot be used in the areas where mine gas danger is present.


  • Plain detonators are stored, transported and handled carefully. 
  • Safety fuse to be used is cut with angle and attention is paid not to spill powder explosive inside. Care is taken that the knife used in cutting is clean. Attention is paid that the side of the Safety Fuse faced inside the Detonator is dry and clean. 
  • Safety Fuse is charged until it touches with the explosive inside Plain Detonator, after this point it is not forced more and not twisted. 
  • During constricting of Plain Detonator, special constriction plier must be used. It must be reminded that detonation of Safety Fuse may be stopped at the constriction point if it is constricted more. 
  • Dot not make the attaching work of Plain Detonator and Safety Fuse to each other next to explosive and detonator boxes or near explosive depots. 
  • Do not store Plain Detonators at humid or very hot places. 
  • Keep Plain Detonators away from fire sources. 
  • Do not apply shocks to Plain Detonators, do not mix inside of them with foreign objects.

Safety Instructions

These products are classified as hazardous and explosive materials. Transportation and usage of this product by the people who do not have the required training, experience and control authority may cause personal injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore, the requirements and provisions set forth in the decree no 87/12028 “Regulations / Directives about Procedures and Principles for Hunting Materials and Similar Items related with Non Monopoly Explosive Articles” must be applied for transportation, handling and disposal / elimination, when necessary, of these products. 


100 ea Plain Detonators are packaged in carton package. 5 carton packages are wrapped with Kraft paper. 20 ea Kraft paper wrapped packages are placed into original cases. So 10.000 detonators are made packaged inside one case.