Operations of Solar Explosives Industry Inc.;

We produce all kinds of explosives which you need in an underground and surface coal mining, metal mines, industrial minerals, aggregates (quarries) and cement sector also in an energy, transportation and all infrastructure projects.

Nonelectrical detonator system used in surface and underground blasting we specially design and produce for senior security, high performance and minimal environmental impact.

To our customer and solution partners in accordance with the current regulations transport services are done between warehouses or from warehouse to workplace to the accompaniment of our expert ,trained and licenced personnel and by our vehicles which have the necessary technical infrastructure.Accordingly, storage services are also available with our fixed or temporary warehouses.

In accordance with your demands drilling services, blasting services or complete drilling and blasting services are given by our specialized technical team under the supervision of engineers.

Blaster, ohmmeter, detonating cord,vibration and shock measuring device, siren and such accessories and equipments are supplied which would be required in a blasting area.

All kinds of engineering services are offered to determine your needs in matters of drilling and blasting such as blast hole design, driller selection, vibration measurement reporting, determination of appropriate ignition system and delay time.

Foundation excavation, channel blasting, slope cutting, local blasting, building demolition and such applications requiring expertise and experience are done.

The products required to the sector apart from our production we bring together with the market of Turkey and region .